Empowering real estate
professionals to operate with confidence

FOREWARN is an intuitive, easy-to-use identity verification and risk assessment tool designed to empower real estate professionals to better understand customers and serve them more effectively.


FOREWARN has changed the safety and customer insight dynamic from reactive to proactive.

FOREWARN puts the power of knowledge into a real estate professional’s hands by delivering instant identity information in an easy-to-use mobile app or desktop interface. FOREWARN is powered by leading-edge, AI/ML-driven technology and a massive data repository covering nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population. Using as little as an incoming phone number, FOREWARN can instantly verify identity, criminal history, property and vehicle ownership, financial data, additional phone numbers and address history.


Face-to-face interaction drives the real estate industry

Real estate professionals are called upon to engage in face-to-face meetings with an unknown prospect, often alone and equipped with insufficient intel. Often these professionals cannot test the veracity of information provided by their new prospect.


FOREWARN provides instant due diligence

FOREWARN equips real estate professionals with instant knowledge prior to face-to-face engagements, providing the ability to verify identity, criminal history, property and vehicle ownership, financial data, additional phone numbers and address history.


Safety without creating friction

Prospect due diligence efforts have not been widely used in the real estate industry due to the time and cost traditionally associated with such an exercise. Real estate professionals do not have the luxury of waiting days for information when a prospective buyer is seeking to view a property now. Nor can an agent or brokerage allocate the thousands of dollars traditionally needed to research hundreds of inquiries each month.


Interact smarter and safer with prospects

Dependency on personal interactions with prospects should not come at the expense of safety. FOREWARN was developed to provide real estate professionals with an instant due diligence and proactive safety tool, without creating additional friction and at a nominal monthly subscription fee.


There Is No Substitute For Peace Of Mind

FOREWARN is an instant identity verification and risk assessment tool that empowers real estate professionals to engage with confidence.

Verify Identity with Lightning Speed

Instantly verify an incoming phone number against data assets consisting of proprietary, public record and publicly-available data on nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population. FOREWARN reveals identity information, property ownership, and financial data in real time.

Assess Risk Instantly

FOREWARN identifies criminal histories such as theft, fraud, violent crimes and more, allowing professionals to properly and safely plan for engagements with a higher level of confidence.

Serve Customers Better

Safer engagements and smarter interactions create confidence. FOREWARN provides professionals the tools needed to serve their customers better.

Use Cases

How Real Estate Professionals Use FOREWARN Daily

FOREWARN enables agents and brokers to safely plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.


Verify Identity

Use as little as an incoming phone number to verify a prospect’s identity.


Identify Criminal History and Confirm Current Assets

FOREWARN lets real estate professionals know who they’re dealing with, so they can plan accordingly.


Reveal Potential Financial Risks

FOREWARN verifies financial data such as bankruptcies, liens, foreclosures, and judgments so real estate professionals can better understand and serve prospects.

What FOREWARN Users Are Saying


Provides valuable insights
I’m a REALTOR®, and I found out that FOREWARN was provided through our organization. On my way to an appointment, I decided to enter the number of the person I had the appointment with. I was surprised to find out that the person had been convicted of kidnapping and other gun charges. I do understand that a charge can be an umbrella of things. However, I don’t want to face anything associated with kidnapping, especially alone. I’m thankful I was able to know this information before I went. Please use the FOREWARN app. It may have saved my life.

Allison Oak Lawn, IL

We did a series of focus groups with our members last summer to find out what they thought of Mainstreet and where they saw the value of membership. In each group, participants said FOREWARN was their most useful and appreciated member benefit.

John Gormley CEO, Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (Chicago area)

We have been partnering with FOREWARN for four years now, and we’ve had nothing but great things to say about the partnership and the product. We decided to take advantage of the association pricing and have been able to offer FOREWARN at no extra charge to our members. The feedback has been phenomenal and FOREWARN has become an extremely valuable tool for our members. The FOREWARN app is one of the highest rated and most utilized member benefits.

Chris Studebaker CEO, REALTOR® Association of the Fox Valley
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