New from FOREWARN: Introducing Safe & Sold™

Two clients stand with a real estate agent in a vacant home looking at a tablet screen.

Introducing Safe & Sold™, a new series from FOREWARN®. Hear from fellow real estate industry experts and FOREWARN users as they share valuable insights and practical advice for improving agent safety and reducing risks on the job. Each interview will empower agents with actionable next steps for prioritizing safety while making a sale. 

We asked series host, Megyn Christensen, to share some of her background and what she’s looking forward to in the episodes to come:

A note from Megyn

Photo of Megyn Christensen, real estate agent and member of the FOREWARN team

As an active licensed real estate agent, and a member of the FOREWARN team, I’ve had the unique opportunity to understand the importance of agent safety from every angle. I’ve personally experienced the uneasy feeling of being alone while showing a property to a stranger who may have ill intentions. I’ve had dealings with fraudulent clients claiming to be someone they are not. I’ve spent valuable time with people who wanted to tour homes well outside their possible means. FOREWARN can help prevent each of these situations, which is why I joined the team and continue to stand by their mission.

My hope for this series is to share how agents can identify and protect themselves from risks they may encounter while on the job. I hope to share how much FOREWARN can help ensure that all real estate professionals come back home to their families at the end of their workday. I want everyone to know about the tools that can give peace of mind, and tips to protect themselves with knowledge of who they are meeting.

I look forward to sharing success stories from other real estate agents and associations across the country about how FOREWARN has become a staple in their work and the situations our service has protected them from. Our vision is to have all agents put their safety first in their careers while being proactive with their clientele—and this series is another big step towards making that a reality.

See what’s next

Stay tuned for the first episode of Safe & Sold, featuring Carl Carter, Jr., REALTOR® and Founder of the Beverly Carter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving agent safety—coming soon!