Protecting Homeowners and Winning Listings with FOREWARN

Deciding whether to work with a real estate agent or work on your own is a question many homeowners ask when selling their home.

Homeowners often look at the cost of listing with a real estate agent purely in terms of profit. Agents usually address this by focusing on how they can offer their considerable expertise to ultimately help sell the property faster, with fewer problems, and for more money than the homeowner could on their own. However, as a FOREWARN agent, there is another critical area of value that you can demonstrate by offering an additional layer of safety and peace of mind for the homeowner and their family.
Having access to the FOREWARN app puts you ahead of the game. Homeowners that choose to show their home on their own are allowing strangers into their comfort zone without considering the potential physical or financial risk. With FOREWARN, agents can easily verify a buyer’s profile prior to showing a house to help reduce a variety of risks for homeowners. This added layer of safety and intelligence is a great differentiator and selling point for real estate agents to add to their listing presentations.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of listing a home with a real estate agent that uses FOREWARN.

  • For every buyer prospect that inquires about a home, you can review their profile in seconds. For example, you can reverse look up a prospect with the cell number they called you from. Their profile will not only verify the prospect’s identity, but also reveal an abundance of information including possibly relevant criminal history. It is important for both you and the homeowner to be prepared when allowing someone into a home, and safety should always be the top priority. There are countless high-risk scenarios that can be mitigated with proactive intelligence from FOREWARN. Consider the peace of mind that you can offer a seller and their family when they know that their agent is leveraging the most advanced intelligence technology available to help provide an extra layer of security for them and their home.
  • By understanding the profiles of the buyers that are interested in purchasing the home, you can ease the selling process for all parties involved. You are better equipped to identify potential challenges to a sale, such as current bankruptcies or liens, and proactively work to resolve any issues up front rather than being caught off guard late in the process when it may be too late.

Since FOREWARN is only available to licensed real estate agents, homeowners do not have access to this powerful tool and it is important to make sure they are aware of the additional safety measures that you are taking for them, their home, and the sale itself. By verifying a potential buyer’s profile up front in seconds, you can help to prevent problems and reduce risk for everyone involved. This is an added layer of safety other agents may not be utilizing and should be considered as an advantage in winning listings.